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The Bonnie Hollywood - Render 1 Column B


  • How tall is The Bonnie Hollywood?
    The Bonnie Hollywood measures 86 feet tall along Hawthorn Avenue. The Bonnie Hollywood has 8 floors (the lobby/commercial space on the ground floor and 7 residential floors above). In addition, we put the parking for The Bonnie Hollywood underground to reduce the overall height of the building and to create an enhanced streetscape with retail space on the ground floor.
  • Is this a Zone Change?
    No! This project is being built under existing zoning rules and the Transit Oriented Communities program, something that voters approved in 2017 with the passage of Measure JJJ. The purpose of the program was to encourage affordable housing and the development of housing near transit, both of which are achieved in The Bonnie Hollywood.
  • Who is the developer behind The Bonnie Hollywood?
    The developer behind The Bonnie Hollywood is L.A. native, Michael Nazzal and the Nazzal family. The Nazzal family purchased the property more than 30 years and they intend to own this property and The Bonnie Hollywood for generations to come.
  • Will this increase congestion in the neighborhood?
    Practical experience tells us The Bonnie Hollywood won’t increase traffic. The Bonnie Hollywood is less than one block away from the Hollywood and Highland Metro Red Line station. We expect that a large number of the project’s future residents will work in Hollywood, meaning that they will walk, bike, scooter or use some other form of non-car transportation to get to and from work, which may actually lead to a REDUCTION in traffic. If people who work in Hollywood live on the Westside or in the Valley they’d basically have to drive to work, but if they live at The Bonnie Hollywood they won’t! We think that residents who want to live near transit and get of their cars will see The Bonnie Hollywood as a great option to do that.
  • How many residential units will be included?
    There will be a total of 137 apartments in the project, with 14 apartments set aside for low-income housing.
  • What is the mix of units in The Bonnie Hollywood?
    The Bonnie Hollywood will have 54 studios, 56 1-bedroom units, 20 2-bedroom units and 7 3-bedroom units.
  • Will all of your low-income units just be tiny studio apartments?
    Not at all! Our low-income units will be distributed equitably throughout the project, proportionally representing both the location in the building as well as the overall unit mix. And, they will be the same high-quality as the rest of the apartments; you wouldn’t be able to tell a low-income unit from a regularly-priced unit by looking at them.
  • Why did you include 3-bedroom units?
    We want to build a project that will foster community both within The Bonnie Hollywood and in the neighborhood at large. Families are an important part of every community. We also want to build a project that will attract folks who already live in Hollywood – like families looking for a bit more room or Hollywood High teachers who want to live near work.
  • How much parking will The Bonnie Hollywood provide?
    We want The Bonnie Hollywood to fit in with the community and be a positive addition for our neighbors. For that reason, we are providing 64 more car parking spaces than are required by the City code. By adding additional parking we’ll ensure that anyone who comes to the site, either residents or visitors, will always have a place to park. They won’t circle the block creating traffic and vehicle emissions, and they won’t take up street parking that others rely on. In total we have 150 parking spaces.
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